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So I’ve been thinking and I realized I’ve always collected something. Although when I was younger I didn’t spend much money on it. I used to save anime pictures and celebrity pictures from the internet. I used to have about eight cds full of pictures. As I looked through them I noticed I didn’t even know where some of them came from. I’ve also collected plushies, weird keychains, and stationary (I still occasionally buy stationary and stickers). Lately I haven’t quite found what I want to collect right now. Well other than tons of pictures on my pinterest! I’ve bought a few figures, but its such an expensive hobby to keep collecting. I  Perhaps I can focus on the smaller ones. The blind boxes are pretty fun to get. I have been trying to collect pokemon on the game, but its not as satisfying as having a physical item.  My boyfriend has a ton of pokemon and Monster Hunter plushies and some figures.

IMG_20130925_084843 Here is what I have at the moment ^_^ . I also have plushies displayed. I hope I can find a few Monster Hunter figures soon. Yes that is Airou riding Poogie wearing a Hello Kitty hat!

I just wonder why I have a desire at all to collect. In a couple of articles I read collecting sometimes comes from wanting to fulfill childhood dreams, satisfaction of obtaining an item, and being in love with a certain brand or character. I’m very in love with anime, art, cute things, and animals. Do you collect anything? Please comment!

P.S: I’ve been hearing Capcom will be looking into bringing more Monster Hunter titles to the U.S.! BRING MONSTER HUNTER 4!!!

This was a gift from my boyfriend (I added a ribbon).


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