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Recent Stuff!

Lately I’ve been working on getting a wardrobe makeover little by little. I’ve been very drawn to the pastel goth look. It is also called nu goth. I’m not entirely sure of the orgins of this style. Although the Japanese teen girls have made it popular.


I love the touch of pastel colors around a dark theme. Although for myself I don’t want to look too teenager like so I will skip kitchy animals and large printed tights. I also will skip pastel hair since it doesn’t compliment me and my job will not appreciate it either. I’ve found some cute pieces from Hot Topic and from Ross. I’ve been wanting to check out thrift stores and maybe get some accessories from A friend of mine suggested craigslist and ebay. It will take awhile but I will get there.


I am in need of this!



I been needing something that could scan medium size pieces and be of more convenience than my crappy HP scanner/printer. I love that the top lid opens all the way so pieces can fit better. Also it has a feature that if an image is large it can scan pieces and put it together digitally! I found the brand was recommended on this forum.

I also need to buy SketchBook Pro 6! I’ve been using the trial version and I love it! I have a few uses left so I will probably do that soon! For awhile I used My Paint which was truly terrible! It felt so unorganized and some basic functions such as cutting and moving a section was not available.


I’ve been in love with this new anime called Noragami! Its about Yato, a god that people seem to have forgotten about. He tries picking up odd jobs in hopes of future grandeur and being adored by all. Although at the moment he lives a vagabond. The girl gets mixed up in his supernatural quest and tries to help him so he can cure her of the very problem he caused her! Its hilarious and a fascinating story!

Well until next time! Take care!








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