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No More High School Please!

Well I’ve had a number of conversations with some friends that are tired of seeing anime centered around high school or crazy-long silly series like Naruto and Fairy Tail. I am too. I’ve been out of high school for awhile and not to mention the high school scene feels redundant at times. Its not to say I dislike all high school scenarios and long-winded series. I have a place in my heart for Love Lab and School Rumble series. Oh and Haganai as well! A change of scenery outside high school life is refreshing though.

So I thought it would be fun to do some research on titles of anime that are not high school related. Here are some that I have seen and love. I listed the titles which is linked to a summary along with genres.



Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover– comedy, slice of life, college

Golden Time– romance, slice of life, college  (2014)

Eden of the East- adventure, thriller




Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo)-drama, mystery, sci-fi

Baccano– action, comedy, horror, supernatural, mafia

Gungrave– action, drama, mafia

Gurren Lagann-action, comedy, sci-fi, mecha

Chevalier d’Eon– drama, horror, historical (France)


Ergo Proxy


Ergo Proxy-mystery, psychological, sci-fi

Samurai 7– Action, drama, sci-fi

Nana-drama, romance, music

Fate/Zero– action, drama, horror

Utawarerumono– adventure, drama, comedy, military

Hellsing Ultimate– action, horror, vampire



Here are some i’ve found recommended on other sites, but I haven’t seen.

Shiki– horror, mystery, vampire

Kobato– comedy, magic, slice of life (CLAMP series)

Sengoku Basara– Action, samurai

Attack on Titan– action, horror,

Tiger and Bunny– action, comedy, mecha


C: The Money of Soul…


C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control-action, drama, mystery, psychological

Claymore– action, drama, medieval

Black Lagoon– action, drama, pirates, mercenaries




Katanagatari-action, drama, fantasy, swords

Casshern Sins-adventure, drama, cyborg

Macross Frontier-action, drama, romance, sci-fi, mecha

Moyashimon– comedy, slice of life, college

Rec- Comedy, drama, romance, seiyuu





Nodame Cantabile-comedy, romance, college, music

Monster-drama, horror, dectective, doctor.

Ristorante Paradiso- romance, slice of life, restaurants

Tower of Druaga- adventure, drama, fantasy




Steins;Gate– adventure, comedy, thrilller, sci-fi

Heroic Age– adventure, sci-fi

Legend of Condor Hero-adventure, drama, romance, historical

Kino’s Journey– adventure, psychological, slice of life

Spice and Wolf-drama, romance, fantasy, merchants

Welcome to the NHK- comedy, drama, NEET




Btooom!- action, psychological, online gaming

The Devil is a Part-Timer!-comedy, romance, demons, work

Usagi Drop-comedy, slice of life, parenting

Update 2014

Black Butler, Black Butler Book of Circus, Black Butler II– mystery, supernatural, comedy

No Game No Life– Gaming, strategy, parody

No Game No Life

No Game No Life


Bakumatsu Rock– Samurai, Idols, Music,

Dramatical Murder– BL/yaoi, future, action

Tokyo Ghoul- Horror, supernatural, psychological

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul


Here are some interesting discussions I’ve found.

Anime NN forum- Opinionated discussion on high school settings.

Escapist Forums- This will list other older series that I did not include (ex: Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star).

I hope I help you find something new to watch! Please feel free to make suggestions! (I’m not posting older classics though)


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