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Art, Gaming, and Reptiles!

Subjects of today’s blog!


  • Artist of late

  • Recent gaming

  • Texas reptile expo (skip this section if snakes and lizards give you creeps!)

So I’ve been admiring…

Hikari Shimoda

I love Shimoda’s work! Its bright, eerie, and sometimes chaotic. I found this artist through Sweet Streets Gallery on Facebook. I like push and pull between being cute and creepy in the portraits. The creepy children are doll-like with their expressionless faces and porcelain colored bodies. Many of the portraits have children with cuts although not graphic, but instead sugar coated with sparkles coming from cuts and eyes of saturated colors.


I’ve been playing…

I own a Wii U and I’ve been happy with it! I just been waiting on a price drop for Pikmin 3 and the new Mario. I’m also waiting for Bayonetta 2 and the Super Smash Brothers.

  What I have been enjoying is Monster Hunter and Just Dance 4 and 2014. There are other games I would like to get at the moment but I’m on a tight budget at the moment. Since I never owned the Wii I did buy some old games such as Okami, Zelda Legend of Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime trilogy, and Poke Park 2. I’m so happy it is backwards compatible! Those have really made up for my lame budget and awaiting some big titles. Its perfect if you missed out having a Wii.


The Texas Reptile Expo in San Antonio was really fun! I didn’t get to take home any critters, but I know what my first reptile pet will be in the future! The vendors were very friendly and happy and answer any questions. There was a great assortment of snakes, lizards, turtles, spiders, scorpions, frogs, hedgehogs, and more. I took some pictures using my phone. It was a great event for all ages and some vendors will let you hold the animal (as long as its not poisonous).

Here are some random pictures I took hosted on Flickr.


Surprisingly cute

Hog-nose Snake

I found these adorable! They grow max to three feet long so they are pretty small. The nose is really cute!



Someone’s cute pet ^_^

Future Pet

Crested Gecko

I always thought I would go for a Bearded Dragon, but these prove to be really nice. The seem like a good first reptile. They don’t require a heating lamp, but they do need to be at room temperature. Plus you don’t need to feed them bugs! They get some kind of food mix.

My picture


Google image



African Roach… I’m not posting a picture! You can google it if you really want to see it.

Thank you for reading!!

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