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My Wardrobe (WIP)


Back in January I talked about wanting to have more pastel goth in my closet. I’m attracted to cute and Gothic-like looks. I’ve been working on it here and there. Unfortunately I am unemployed at the moment so I can’t be spending much.  Here is what it looks like so far.


These are my basics. I’m hoping since spring is here and summer is coming it will be easier to find pastel tops. I tend to get these inexpensively at Ross, dd’s, and Dots. I also have a coral, purple, and dark purple top that was in the hamper. I usually pair these with the tops bellow.


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These come from Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe, Ross, and Jcpenny.

Here is my only dress. The bow is actually a hair bow I added.


Bottoms. I didn’t include my maroon, black, and fishnet leggings. Also blue jeans. I clearly need variety here!


My shoes. I’m not including my Dr. Scholls tennis! I will be soon getting the black shoe in a ruby red. When I bought the black I had to order the other one. The black shoe is Clarks Bendable series and the silver boot is from Very Volatile.  The boots were great at first, but after a few months were not so comfortable after a few hours of walking. So they are great when I’m visiting someone or meeting them up for lunch. Not good for malls! I haven’t had the Clarks very long but they are VERY comfortable!


Last, but not least purses!


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I should get a pastel bag or two when I can. Otherwise I’m happy with the variety. The cat, Hangry, backpack isn’t very useful, but I purchased it at an anime convention because its from designer H. Naoto. I use Hangry and the red and black messenger bag for conventions. The mint wallet with a kitty was also bought at a convention! I wish I had bought a few of the other designs cause they are so cute! Hopefully that vendor returns to San Japan this year.

Selfie! Since have not shared a picture of myself haha!


I didn’t list my tank tops and graphic tees since I tend to wear them when I don’t feel like dressing up.


Here are some pieces that I would like to add! Or something like these. If you have any store suggestions, brands, or a pinterest board with similar taste please share in the comments ^_^. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to vote for your favorite topics to read here!

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