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Upcoming Events

Lately I’ve been working on digital art because I’m hoping that this website will be full of it this year instead of using glitter graphics and slideshows of anime. Some have already popped up. They are the cute desserts and a blinking avatar on the sidebar.  More will come and I want to accept commissions and open a web shop that will appear as another page here. I could use the support!

This weekend I will be attending the Alamo City Toy Show! So expect pictures and a review of the event. A person of interest to anime fans is Larry Kenney from Thundercats. Here is the web site for the event.









I’m also expecting my first lolita dress from Bodyline! I’m so excited! I will give you details about how that goes as well. I just ordered it yesterday and have checked with the local lolita community beforehand that its a legit site and of decent quality. I’m getting the grey and black one. I still have to figure out the rest of the cord Before San Japan in July.

Antique Clock Dress


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