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Alamo City Toy Show 2014 San Antonio, Texas

I just went to the toy show on Saturday. It was really fun! There were a ton of vendors, free arcade games, some artists, and guests signing autographs. The show room was big and spacious and it never felt overly crowded. There were people of all ages browsing the merchandise.










There were some anime figures and plushies. Mostly there were many vintage toys by cult favorites. This expo was mostly about purchasing. Only some of the vendors accepted credit/debt cards so its usually good to take cash to these kinds of events. The group I went with found many childhood toys and new Pokemon plush characters.

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The car from the Transformers movie was on display.










They also included a free-to-play arcade. There were not very many games, but they provided a nice break.













There was a cosplay guest, a pro wrestler, and a voice actor also there. I didn’t get to seem them.

We easily spent four to five hours here. It was a ton of walking! I enjoyed it and I hope they do this event again next year.

Here are a couple things I brought home. Thanks to my date for Morrigan and Chingling ❤ Thank you for reading!










  1. If I wasn’t already so broke that I cant even afford to get to something like that, I would lose all of my money at those sorts of things. Luckily I don’t have any to begin with. I really love reading about them though, excellent post! Id love it if you could check out my page and let me know what you think

  2. Sure! Luckily the admission itself was low since it was the first show! But of course they plan to get your money on the inside haha XD

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