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Anime As of Late

I haven’t talked about anime lately! Well here is what I’ve been watching lately!

One Week Friend. (ongoing)


Who are you again?

High school, comedy, romance, relationships

I love this show so much! The main character tries so hard to befriend his crush, the quiet girl in his class. She brushes him off saying she couldn’t have friends. She reveals every Monday she loses her memories of people that become her friends.The show is a sweet and sensitive portrayal of their struggling friendship. She begins to open up to him and make a few more friends despite the difficulties.



Pokemon X & Y (ongoing)

pokemon x yIts Pokemon!

I haven’t really watch much of the previous seasons, but this is the first one I’m actually keeping up with. I really enjoyed the video game so I gave this show a chance. It has the usual charm of Pokemon and its fun to see the place explored in the game on TV. The aspect that keeps me curious is that the new girl, Serena, seems to remember Ash from childhood. There also seems to be an implied love interst. Although dense Ash seems to have no memory of her.

Along the Pokemon series is the Mega Evolution episodes that are actually really cool starring a very different trainer.



Noragami (Finished)


Comedy, supernatural, action

The first show in a long time that I’m actually in love with the theme song. Hiyori is able to see shadowing phantoms that most people can not see. One day she sees a young man crossing a busy street and saves him from oncoming traffic. She wakes up in the hospital. The young man is actually a homeless god named Yato. He is silly, frugal, and self-centered. He is determined to be worshiped and have a shrine of his own. Due to the accident Hiyori’s spirit accidentally leaves her body on occasion! She is determined to stick around Yato until he fulfills his promise of fixing that problem. Although Yato has his own problems and enemies that follow him.



Sakura Trick (finished)


Shojo-ai, high school, comedy

This is the second shojo ai anime I have ever watched (the other being Revolutionary Girl Utena). I don’t care for shojo-ai or yuri, but this is truly a hilarious series! They are best friends having a bit more than friends attraction and are utterly clumsy, silly, and kind of confused about what their relationship is. Keeping their affections a secret they go through a school year doing the best to make the most of an under-funded school that will close its doors once their class has graduated. This series is very light hearted and does carry some mild fan-service.



Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai  (a.k.a Chu2Koi) (Finished)

chu2koicomedy, high school, drama

This series has already been out for awhile, but I’m about half-way through the first season. In this series it is said adolescents become delusional about super powers and then out-grow it by high school. The main character Yuta is embarrassed of how he acted in middle school and is happy to move on to high school where no one knows he went around calling himself the Dark Flame Master! He is happy his crush is in his class, but so is a girl that remembers him as the delusional hero. She for some reason has not out grown her delusions and carries on as if enemies are around the corner. She always seeks him for help and he ends up looking after her. As he learns more about her it appears there is a deep psychological reason she can’t leave the delusions behind.


Thank you for reading!


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