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Cutest and Coolest Nendoroids This Year! (So far…)

Disclaimer: All images in this post are from Good Smile Company.

What are Nendoroids?

Nendoroids are cute figures made by the Good Smile Company. They are popular among anime fans that collect figures and statues. Nendoroids are well crafted and exceptionally detailed chibis of characters from anime, games, comics, and musicians. Many people make or purchase props to create photography of their favorite characters. Others leave them in the box to better preserve them or decorate their rooms with them. The Vocaloid Hatsune Miku seems to be the most popular figure. Many versions of her have been released through out the years while some characters are lucky to have one. Many people like them for their cuteness and are usually priced lower than larger figures.

They are sold at anime and toy conventions as well as online. There are bootleg figures out there so carefully look at the packaging and coloration of the figure before purchase. They are of lesser quality for the same price.

Here are some of the newest designs. For more info please check out Good Smile’s website.

I look forward to this one the most! Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura! I grew up watching this show so I was so excited to hear about the figure coming out. She comes with wand, cards, and two other expressions. She a very cute and nostalgic figure.


Trainer Red from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

This one is also on my wishlist. Another nostalgic character- Trainer Red comes with three expressions, pokemon, a pokeball, master ball, pokedex, and backpack. It will be available at the Pokemon Center in Japan and Japanese Amazon. Hopefully they can make some come over to U.S. conventions and Amazon.


Kango from Kantai Collection.

I’m not familiar with the character but the design looks really cool. Kantai Collections is often shorten to KanColle- a Japanese web browser game.  She has intricate detail and a cute pose. She comes with a tea cup, saucer, and a chair.

Alisa from God Eater 2

This one comes with many small parts which is great! The pictures show her weapons off well! She comes with two other faces that are cuter than this one. Alisa looks really cool.


Rin from Fate/Stay Night

I love the Fate series! I chose Rin  because I’ve never seen her so cute.  She comes with her two swords, powers, one more expression, and glasses.


Mikasa and Levi from Attack on Titan!

They each come with three expressions and the equipment shown in the images. They each have an extra clothing item and an effect to look like they are flying. I had to include these because its a very popular series and the equipment had to look great to represent the show.


Yoshino from Date-a-Live

She is the most adorable! It captures and sweet and curious nature well.  I think I like this show more so for the character designs than anything else! She comes with three props and expressions.

Female Hunter from Monster Hunter 4

I really like this game and the Lagombi is one of the cutest armours for girls. She has two weapons, demon drug, two faces, effect items, and a Felyne.

Snow Miku Vocaloid

I couldn’t escape having to mention her! This one already came out and is a very cute and intricate design. Snow Miku seems to come out every winter, but with a different costume design.



My wish list (These are older). So what’s on your figure wishlist? Getting any this year? Please share below! Thank you for reading!

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