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Artists I Love! Lacchei and Limon

I wanted to share some artists that I love!


Zoe Lacchei

Laccehi is an Italian artist that works in various traditional mediums.

I first found Laccehei’s work flipping through a Juxtapose magazine. I knew I loved her from the moment I saw her drawings. I was attracted to her dark humored drawings and Japanese influence. I am most attracted to her graphite works. They appear with beautiful contrast and detai. Sometimes appearing to have a velvet like texture .  I love how the beauty of the people sharply contrasts with a something gruesome and dark.




Jason Limon

Limon is a painter and a sculptor.

I enjoy the whimsical creatures of his work. His monsters have a toon-like quality, but are much more by having beautiful detail. His monsters smile and have cravings for sweets. Perhaps they can relate the the small monsters in all of us. He also has a series of beautiful animals with swirls along with skulls, skeletons, and alien like creatures. His work shows a great love and fascination of life and death elements.

Go explore their websites they both have a great portfolio!  Thank you for reading!


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