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What I’m Excited About!

Happy Birthday… me! I’m 25 as of today.

I’m going to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 this weekend. I hope its as awesome as the trailer is. I really enjoyed the first movie. Admittedly my biggest peeve is not liking the voice actor for Hiccup, but it didn’t ruin it for me.

I also want to check out a Mini Con this weekend. If you’re in the San Antonio area you should check out this Mini-Mini Con at Wonderland Mall. There are going to be some artists and vendors and its free to go attend.


I’m also excited about San Japan! I loved it since it first started up and it keeps growing each year. This year a lot of people are excited Angelic Pretty is going to be a special guest. There is also going to be a Lolita Tea Party, Masquerade, many other panels, and guest Akira Yamaoka with a band performing his songs.

Today I was happily working on Theathrythm Final Fantasy so I can hopefully finish before the new game comes out. I love this game and can be both challenging and have some relaxing tracks. If you haven’t seen the game play of this check out the video below. Its a trailer for the new game coming out this September.

Okay everyone has most likely seen this one by now, but its a game I can’t wait for! I never played this generation so its perfect! I will catch up on an adventure I’ve missed. Tons of people feel very nostalgic and loving towards this generation. I do have some mix feeling about all the mega evolutions that have come out. It seemed like a special treat at first, but will it feel like its going to loose that?


Some other E3 trailers I like are Fantasy Life and Assassin’s Creed Unity. I love the song on Assassin’s Creed Unity by the way. It is a remake of an old song.

I look forward to going the the Texas Collectible Expo in August. I’m not sure if I can make it to events between San Japan and the Expo, but I will see.

Plus there are supposed to be new Bee and PuppyCat episodes this Fall! I’ve been waiting for this since the first episode came out last year! If you haven’t seen it check out its a cartoon on Youtube. Its inspired by anime and old cartoons.

What E3 trailers caught your attention this year? What did you think was terrible? Anyone going to San Japan? I love to hear from you! Have a good day!



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