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Sailor Eevee!

This entry covers- San Japan Hype, Sailor Moon Crystal, Pokemon Competition.

Hello! I had some writer’s block for awhile, but now I’m just excited San Japan is drawing near and I need to try on my dress with accessories and such to make sure I’ve have it right in my head! Also I have to take my own food since I do have food allergies. It makes eating out pretty hard. Also if you intend to go to the Masquerade Dance visit the San Japan Official Group on Facebook. The admin can tell you if your outfit is acceptable for the masquerade, because they have very strict guidelines.

So have you seen the new Sailor Moon Crystal?

This is the new Sailor Moon opening. Which I love!

Here are some of the old openings

I’ve always admired since I was a kid that the hero could still save the day even though she was terrible at school, clumsy, and a big crybaby. I’m happy to see it brought back with beautiful artwork and animation advances of the present. They accoplished this without making any major changs to designs and keep that watercolor-like coloring that gives it that classic shoujo touch.  I will be watching this series very closely. Its hard to compare to the old. I haven’t seen the old series in years (plus back then I only saw it in english). Let me know how you’re enjoying it!



I have been working on my Eevee team for this rotation battle competition. I don’t have much experience in this battle set up, but I have to do my best because I love Eeveelutions so much. I’m still working on making and training a team. The sign-up is open until 07/10 so there is still time to sign up!

If Eevee isn’t your favorite there is also the Battle of Legends later this month.



Quick note: Today is the Pokemon National US Championships. The TCG is running during the morning and later in the afternoon is the video game competition. You can watch the matches on Twitch Tv.

Have any of you participated in a wifi tournament or regionals?

Thank you for reading!!




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