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San Japan 7!!

San Japan in San Antonio, Texas was super fun this year. My boyfriend and I stayed at hotel nearby so it was our vacation!

The registration went alright we bought our weekend pass that Friday and it took about 45 minutes to get through the line. We played Pokemon while waiting and chatted with someone in line with us.

First big difference between this year and last year- they moved the Vendor’s Room to another larger area. It never felt overly crowded and it was easy to get around!

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It was my first time going to the masquerade dance! It was fun!  The dress code was a little more lenient then initially expressed on online forums. There was a beautiful set up with a nice dance floor that really set the mood. It was great to see all the beautiful dresses and masks. Plus there was a Loki cosplayer on the dance floor! The music was a combination of big band, stereotypical prom music, and movie soundtracks.


I participated in the Pokemon League held by the Slurred Nerd. Pokemon Trainers were split into two teams- Team Magma and Team Aqua of course. Then battled against each other in multi-player, singles, doubles, and rotation type battles. My team, Magma, won hooray! This is the prize I received plus a Slurred Nerd T-Shirt.



I took terrible pictures at fashion show sadly! I’m not great with cameras.  The show was great! They showed many brands such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty.

One of the attendees uploaded this video of the show! Many thanks to her!

(click playlist on the left and pick #2 San Japan Lolita Fashion Show)

fashion pictures I took

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I was too tired for the rave this year. Instead my boyfriend and I got Pokemon ready for the Pokemon League lol.  These are the rest of the pictures from the convention

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I was feeling the post-con depression last week! Luckily I have my cute souvenirs to admire. I’m so happy about the Saber figure. I bought a Saber chibi figure a long time ago of poor quality (it was my first figure) this this sooo makes up for it

Saber and Alpakasso

The convention was so fun and exciting! I’m really impressed with the staff of San Japan overall. They are always improving the convention each year. I highly recommend going to this con if you’re in Texas!


San Japan Official

San Japan Facebook

San Japan Facebook Group

sorry for the long wait and I kinda rushed this one.  Did anyone here go to San Japan? What is your favorite thing about conventions?



  1. All super photos. I’m jealous that the Kalos Region trainer got to take Selena. “Is she really going out with him?” : (

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