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Anime Summer 2014

There is always so much anime! But here are the ones I’m really into this season


Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul

action, psychological, horror

Ken Kaneki, a college freshman, finally asks out the girl he’s been admiring from afar. The date goes well until she says she wants to kill and eat him. In her attempted to kill him she is killed by falling steel beams from a construction site. Doctors in trying to save Ken’s life transplants the dead ghoul’s organs into him. Not fully ghoul or human he struggles with his hunger and is taught how to deal with his new identity by the ghoul community hidden within the city. These  ghouls in the city eat people and are disgusted by human food.  As Ken goes along he learns ghouls are not quite what everyone believes them to be, but some truly are monsters.

This show is great at portraying his psychological struggle to stay human and how the ghoul desires try to take over. If you need something dark and more challenging in your anime list this is the one to watch. I included the opening because I love the song, but if you rather see the trailer check it out.


Sword Art Online II

sword art online II

This is the second season of Sword Art Online (based on the light novel). Kirito and Asuna have returned to a normal life and still spend time in the virtual world at their leisure.  Kirito is approached to investigate the murders that somehow are taking place in Gun Gale Online, a cyber punk shooting game. He is helped out by Sinon, a strong female player that the murderer has his eye on. Even though Kirito is new to the game he wants to enter the game’s competition.

I’m really hooked on this one! Sinon is a very likable and complex female lead. I can’t wait until the show gets into more of the competition and the investigation of the murders. I did find it an odd choice to make Kirito’s new avatar more feminine. He gets mistaken as a girl in the game although he does say its actually a male avatar.




Sailor Moon Crystal

I have to watch this remake of a childhood favorite! Actually I’ve already discussed this one here.

Dramatical Murder

dramatical murder

gamer, mystery

Based off a BL (boy love) visual novel, this anime takes place in the future where people can play an online fighting game as they pass each other on the street. Aoba works at a junk shop and is friends with quite a mix of friends some in yakuza others are gang leaders. He doesn’t play or have interest in the game until he is forced into a fight with someone on it. He finally snaps when pushed to far and his personality changes. People start showing up insisting he used to play. What happened to his memory? Aoba and his companion Ren, an android dog, uncover the weird phenomenon happening around them and the strange people that keep showing up in his life.

Its interesting so far and the character designs really stand out. Its a really light-hearted show and obviously has a group of attractive male characters. The one thing that bugged me though is that some of the computers looked old fashion despite this being a futuristic setting.

dramatical murder


I’ve also have been wanting to watch the new Black Butler that follows the manga faithfully!  I haven’t started it yet.

I found these neat figures from some of the anime listed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what are you watching?


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