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Pokemon and a new Vita

I have been loving the new Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire! I do miss the character customization from X and Y, but I can’t say it’s a big deal. Flying around on Latias, the new Pokemon contest halls, and overall better story make up for it! I haven’t finished the game yet, but it’s been awesome so far! I Really enjoy this more than Pokemon X!








I recently traded in my Wii U for the PS Vita. To be honest there are not too many games coming out on it I’m excited about and the portable consoles just have more affordable games.


The awesome thing about the Vita I noticed right away was it was much easier to get a internet connection on.

My 3Ds has only been able to connect at McDonald’s and home wifi. Lately McDonald’s hasn’t even been working. The Vita connects to the library’s internet and stores.

On the PS Vita I have Final Fantasy X and X-2. I played these games many years ago and never finished them, but I am determined to this time.


Here are a couple of games I know I want and will probably get later.

God of War   – I missed out on this classic and would still love to play it.

Hyper Neptunia Re;birth1 –To be honest I just want to try it cause it looks cute and silly.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend- I love the Guilty Gear series and I’ve only played the first of the BlazBlue series when I used to have an Xbox 360.









What games are you playing right now?

Thanks for reading!!


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