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Favorite Instagram Artists

Sharing and seeing art is easier than ever before. Just search for #artist or #art on instagram and you can see art from kids, students, and professionals. I thought I share a few artists I love watching.

Tracey Lewis

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I love her watercolors! They are luminescent, colorful, and delicate. She often paints skulls, flowers, and women. I am a huge lover of skulls! I enjoy how beautiful and colorful she portrays them. Rather then dark or eerie she gives them a cheerful touch so they can join a bouquet.




Reid Fagerquist

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Her artwork is so bright, bold, and colorful! I love the colorful twist she brings beloved anime and cartoon characters. Her fan art is beautiful and portrays love for her subjects. I always look forward to seeing what character she will work on next.



Audrey Kawasaki

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I didn’t find her through Instagram, but I was all happy when I found out she had one. I adore her work. Its a mix of Art Nouveau meets old Japanese lacquerware. Her beautiful and elegant subjects mesh gorgeously with the wood. It really exudes they beauty of nature both in motifs and material.


Official site


So let me know what you think! Which artist do you like to follow?  You can always check me out on Instagram here! I will be going to Pax South and will take a bunch of pictures and some video! I’m super excited! I will tell you all about it when I can!


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