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Pax South 2015


Pax South was so fun! I went Friday and met up with friends and my boyfriend. To prepare I packed a bunch of food and snacks (I have food allergies), my 3DS, hair mousse, hand sanitizer (germs!),  and a camera of course.

It was so packed there and the first thing is saw was the huge glowing Twitch booth and the Alienware car that lights up. Holy crap it looks just like the magazines. I just walked around for awhile it was so overwhelming! There are demos and games for sale everywhere! There was a huge line to try Gigantic and it was super crowded at the Nintendo booth! Nintendo brought out the new 3DS to try with demos for Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter 4  Ultimate (demo), Mario Kart, and a few others.

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So I tried out…



Oculus – It was brought in by LSU. I tried this on and it made me dizzy! You were able to look at large images either by moving your head or with the Playstation controller. I can’t wait for the day I can play a game on this! The graphics are nice.


Brawlhalla -A fighting game sort of like Super Smash Bros. You pick a fighter and are able to change their clothes for different looks. Items drop through out the game and you want to pick up a weapon as soon as you can to toss enemies over the edge or beat them enough to send them flying. Its a nice 2d game.








Capsule Force – A retro game for about 4 players with two teams. The characters shoot at each other and each team does their best to ride a platform to their side an obtain an orb. This game was addicting and can get pretty intense even with a simple set up!










Speed Runner– This was fun. Its a racing game where characters speed though and those left behind are out of the match. You grapple and slide you way through different stages and its wacky designs are comical.








Nintendo Majora’s Mask demo– This takes me back to when I played this on the N64. The graphics on the new 3DS are much better and more fluid than the previous. I hope I can get this game and finish it since I did not on the N64. It looks beautiful!

not my picture









Zombicide– I don’t play board games that much, but this was super awesome! Its a survival type of game that reminds me of Resident Evil. You search for item to defend yourself and work together with the other players to overcome the villain and escape the city. This was in the table-top gaming area of the expo hall where you can buy and borrow board games.

I got a small bag of goodies.  It had some ads, a Magic the Gathering deck, and a top gamer pin. My boyfriend bought me a Puppycat plush that sings! Its adorable! He took home a Pikachu and Klefki.



More expo hall pictures and video

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Above the expo hall there were console gaming rooms, panels, lounges, and a free-to-play retro arcade. I was happy to see that the arcade had Primal Rage, one of my favorite childhood games. They also had Killer InstinctThe House of the Dead, and many more.

Pax South was amazing! I would highly recommend going if you want to try out video games and do a little shopping. To be honest going one day was more then enough. I was exhausted at the end. I didn’t check out the panels though, but maybe another time. I was more interested in seeing what a gaming expo was like. Do be prepared to wait in lines for large companies’ demos. I mostly played indie games so it wasn’t much of an issue. Even the Oculus line went by fairly well.


Let me know if you are going to Pax this year or have been in the past. Thanks for reading!!



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