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Anime Season Winter 2014/15

Here is a small summary and review of some animes that are airing . I’m going to start adding ratings such as (#) out of 10. 1 being horrible, 5 average, and 10 a masterpiece. I may come back and change the ratings after the season is over.

So here’s what I’m watching!

Your Lie in April  (shigatsu wa kimi no uso)

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Arima Kousei was a child prodigy when it came to piano. His mother made him practice day and night until she passed away. After having a mental breakdown during a recital Kousei refuses to play again. Until he meets the beautiful violinist that plays with a passion and vigor he has never had. He must face his fears and question what music and this new girl mean to him.

I’m not entirely caught up on this series, but I am loving this already. The two main characters are great together along with his childhood friends (and one seems to like him. Love triangle!). I enjoy the way the show portrays his fears as much as the difference between their musical views. The relationships are very down to Earth and show promising developments.

rating : 9 out of 10

Kantai Collection

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In a world where the oceans have been taken over by a mysterious beings called Deep Sea Fleet the girls with the the souls of warships are trained to battle to regain the ocean. We meet Fubuki, a rookie joining the school and having her first battle. Between missions the girls build friendships, take classes, train, and have fun. The story is based on the Japanese online game. Mild fan service and nothing but chicks.

This one was one I was most excited to see. The game looked pretty cool and I liked the designs and concept. For the first three episodes I was unsure if I would continue this show. It shows more about the girls making friends and how well or unwell they get along. At times being corny. The battles are awesome to watch and I look forward to seeing more characters. After the third episode it became more interesting from the introduction of new characters and showing they aren’t afraid to kill off a character.

rating : 6 out of 10

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Death Parade

People wake up at a strange bar without memories and are forced to play a twisted game hosted by the bartender Decim. As they play they risk hurting each other, remember their lives, and reveal the nature of their souls. From the game it is decided whether their souls should reincarnate or be destroyed. Who are the strange hosts of this place anyway?

This show is intense and fascinating! I’ve been hooked since the first episode! Aside from the exposing of the dark side and weakness of human nature we are also learning little by little about these characters that carry out the judgements and live in this weird place between life and death. I hope to see more character development among the arbiters (the ones the judge).

rating : 8 out of 10

Gundam Build Fighters Try

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In this Gundam series people are fans of the previous Gundam anime series and build models. Using a machine they animate the Gunplas to fight.  Hoshino, Kousaka, and Kamiki form Team Try Fighters to participate in a Gunpla tournament. The team finally has upgraded their Gunpla, are working better as a team, and are making serious effort to better their game.

This show is funny and cool. I also like that this season has more female characters then the previous Gundam Build. I haven’t seen much of the Gundam shows, but I still enjoy the humor and the battles.

rating : 7 out of 10

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Sailor Moon Crystal

Usagi is a clumsy dork, but is good at making friends. When she meets a talking cat and is told she is suppose to be a Sailor Guardian that fights for justice by moonlight, find the moon princess, and procure the silver crystal her life becomes a crazy adventure. She makes teammates and falls in love with a mysterious man that may or may not be an enemy. Usagi and her friends must fight against the strange soldiers of the dark kingdom that plan brainwash and kill the people of Japan to find the silver crystal.

This is a reboot of Sailor Moon that’s been out for awhile. I can’t wait to see the Dark Moon arc. I’ve been enjoying this series out of nostalgia. There isn’t much character development going on. Its one event after another plus I’m not crazy about some of the cg effects. Its okay show, but if it wasn’t for nostalgia I probably wouldn’t watch it. This is a series that could use some filler episodes.

Rating: 6 out of 10

I was watching Tokyo Ghoul before, but I just haven’t been able to get hooked on the second season. I will give it another episode before I decide on dropping it or continuing.

Rating 5 out of 10

Let me know what you are watching this season!

~Coming soon!~

I will be making some videos of me playing and reviewing a game and some demos. Stay tuned!


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