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Review and Tips for beginners on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


I will keep my review brief.

This game is all about hunting monsters just as the name implies. Its an RPG and an online mulit-player game (or local play) where you can hunt monsters together with friends or with random people

With tons of monsters and quests you build your armor from the fallen monsters or mine for ores. You are helping a caravan travel and a man find out the mystery of a golden artifact that was left to him. Even solo play you are not alone! You have Palicos, cats that hunt with you and have different specialties such as healing, gathering, and bombing. You can also forge armor and weapons for them to match your set! You can carry potions, power ups, and traps with you for extra help.

There are many weapons to choose from for a great variety of your approach to hunting. There are bows, sword and shield, switchaxe (part sword part axe) hammers, bow guns,  and more!

The class of monsters are segmented into groups called low rank, high rank, and G rank. As you go up in rank there are more variety and more challenging monsters.

This is such a huge improvement from the previous game. The stages are now complex with cliffs and paths to climb, more monsters and sub-species, fun storyline and characters, new mechanics (such as mounting/riding monsters, item sets – one click and your pouch is ready with preset items, new weapon moves), and new weapons such as the charge blade and Insect glaive (a staff and a large beetle). Not to mention the expeditions where you can hunt monsters- no time limit- and find treasures and costumes for your pet poogie! Finally in this game you can play online so you don’t have to hunt alone if you don’t have friends that are into it.

This game is very addicting and the armors and monsters are creative designs that will make you feel like you’re on an epic journey.

Other reviews if you need more convincing –

IGN review



Tips for beginners


Check out weapon tutorials on youtube! This is great if you don’t feel like doing a lot of reading. Plus they show you tricks tutorials don’t show.

Make weapons with different elements.

The chance of rare items dropped by a monster is usually increased by cutting of tail, breaking horns, or wings. The monsters here have no hp bar! They do look hurt and run away when you are doing well.

Practice/use more than one weapon type. It will keep the game play from feeling repetitive. Got comfortable with sword and shield? Pick up a long sword or lance! It keeps things interesting.

Play online! Go with -at least- Jaggi armor. The very first armor options are terrible and online monsters are stronger. If you die three times the whole team fails.

Have a meal before quests! It will grant things like extra health, stamina, defense. When both ingredients are fresh you have a great chance of getting all the abilities listed.

Join a facebook group. Its a great way to find quests to join, (i.e. “Hey anyone want to hunt Pink Rathians?”) ask people questions, and see a bit of what is ahead of you.

Give your armor a personal touch- Go to the chest in your room and select change appearance-armor color. There you can add your favorite color to your armor. Sometimes the color change in the armor is subtle or only on certain pieces of armor, but it will make you stand out.

When you get to high rank look up armors before you make them. Each armor set has different abilities and you don’t want to invest in one that won’t benefit your playing style.


Stick with one weapon. Monsters have weaknesses to certain elements (fire, water, ice, etc) and it makes the hunt quicker if you have a weapon that will give you advantage (sort of like Pokemon lol). You can find out weakness after defeating the monster by checking the armor you can make from it (the armor reflects the monster’s resistances and weakness). Or check online 😛

Don’t make a lot of armors in low rank. Low rank doesn’t last long so best not to spend a lot of time on a variety of armors. I got through low rank with armor from the Jaggi, Testsucabra, and Najarala armors. Some did all of low rank with Tetsucabra armor, but I think Najarala is great because it has an ability to increase items you get from capturing monsters. It is perfect for making your first high rank armor.

Make an insect glaive without reading or watching some tutorials on how to build it. Its kind of complicated and a new weapon people are still figuring out.

Don’t use caravan points on meals! Save it for multiplying items and buying stuff from Wycoon.

Check out these links!

GaijinHunter -Great tips, tricks, faq’s, and he does great tutorials on youtube.

Kiranico MH4U  -info on armors, monsters, and where to find items.

Monster Hunter Wiki– general info.

Let me know what you think of the new game! Check out my Monster Hunter videos too!


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  1. Prof.mcstevie says

    Don’t…..hit the monster…when some is mounting, you throw away a golden opportunity because of trigger fingers.

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