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Mizuumi Con 2015

My boyfriend and I went to Mizuumi Con last Saturday. It’s held at at a local University. It was fun despite the dreary wet weather! This convention is a one day event with panels, vendors, food stands, and artists! It has a pretty chill atmosphere and is family friendly.

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The registration line moved along fairly quick. There were a lot of local vendors and artists. Plus the usual console gaming, arcade, and card game areas. There were amazing cosplays! It was hilarious to see the arcade. On the other side of the glass wall was a gym while on the convention side people playing DDR arcade games!

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My boyfriend and I sat in on a voice actor panel which was funny. We were way in the back. We popped in since we couldn’t find any tables in the cafeteria. We were happy we picked up a lot of Guild Cards (Monster Hunter Street Passes on the 3DS) and quests. This convention is fun and I think it makes a cute date!

Let me know if you went or about the small conventions in your area. Thanks for reading!


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