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Cutest and Coolest of Nendoroids 2015

Hey everyone! If you have seen some of my blog you will know I adore figures! Although I don’t have a big collection I admire them *_* . If you want more info check out my previous post. I talk about what people use them for and touch a bit on bootlegs.

I also included an extra recommendation of an older figure for fun.

Disclaimer: I did not take these images. Credit goes to Good Smile Company.

Here is my opinion on some of the coolest Nendoroids that are releasing this year so far!

Series- Magica Wars


Naruko Aoba Released January

This show is alright I never finished it. The designs of the characters though really stood out and were beautiful and highlighted aspects of Japan. I only watched it after seeing this figure. I love the coloring, elegance, and the look of a magical girl that looks like she could be a Japanese folktale.

You might like this figure of Yuyuko Saigyouji.


Devil Homura Released January

Series-Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion-

I love the anime of Madoka Magica! It is a dark twist to a seemingly typical magical girl story. I need to see the movies! How could I not mention this figure when she has that beautiful dress and wings? This dark magical girl is amazing and she comes with a little Kyubey, the cute and sinister mascot character.

You might like Chariot with Tank

Series– Vocaloid Character


Snow Miku Released Febuary

This is the first Hatsune Miku figure I actually want. I’m not into Vocaloid characters, but this is just so cute and I love the flowers with the bunny. It sort of reminds me of the saying from Fruits Basket where they keep talking about winter melting and turning into spring. I feel like the represents it in the cutest way possible!

You may like 2013 Snow Miku

Series- Touhou Project


Yukari Yakumo Released March

I’m not very knowledgeable about these characters, but they do have some interesting designs. She also comes with the option of wearing the bottom of the dress instead of the portal (?). I thought this was one is a very playful type of design compared to many. It just seems elegant and kind of wacky at the same time! She had to make this list!

You may also like- Flandre Scarlet

Series- Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-


Mikazuki Munechika Releasing August

This one I have never heard of, but it was love at first sight! Male figures are not that common and here is this beautiful warrior. He is from a webbrowser game created by DDM and Nitroplus. Is this like a  Kantai Collection aimed at girls? I love the Japanese samurai armor so this is so cool!

You may like Annelotte, another armored character.

Thanks for reading! Are there any figures you are getting this year?



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