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Spring 2015 Anime Impressions

Okay I have a new layout of reviewing anime! I will watch a few episodes of a bunch, write about first impressions, then do a good review on the ones I continued watching!

Here is what I’ve seen so far

Show by Rock


Because life is cuter with animal ears

Why I started to watch it– It looks cute! How could I pass up adorable sheep and cat people?

It’s about- A shy girl that wants to join the school’s music club. When at home playing her mobile app game she gets sucked into the game where playing instruments kill the monsters and everyone has animal ears/tails for some reason. In order to return to her world she has to save this adorable one where music is everything.

Will I finish it?– Probably. The characters are likable although the storyline looks kind of shallow. It’s just cute and the other rock band that is featured reminds me when I was obsessed with Visual Kei in middle school and high school. Its wacky and fun so far.

Plastic Memories

plastic plastic1

Androids that look just like people. You know its going to be sad.

Why I started to watch it– I heard it’s going to be sad. I know that’s a weird reason…

It’s about- In the future androids have “synthetic” souls, but have a certain life span. A guy starts a job at the agency the retrieves androids before the life span runs out alongside an android. Taking them from their owners can be emotional since some treat them like family. Plus the female android he has been paired up with to work these cases seems really strange. Others call her a veteran yet she makes many mistakes. What is her deal?

Will I finish it?– Maybe. I like the characters and it looks like the type of show that will have an emotional journey.



If doors open for you please thank your local ghosts.

Why I started to watch it– I like slice of life with a bit of supernatural. In this case ghosts.

It’s about– A girl, Amami, is starting high school. She’s quite odd since her only friends are ghosts and they constantly bother her through out everyday life. She befriends some new people that find it funny and interesting. Shenanigans ensue! Amami finds ways to solve problems for the living and for those that have passed on. It also hints towards a shoujo ai type relationship in the future.

Will I finish it?– Yes since the first two episodes this has me hooked. It’s funny and quirky! I like how some ghosts are portrayed as sort of creepy even if they are friendly. It actually scares one of her friends since she is afraid of ghosts. Ghosts play random tricks on Amami as well as help her by opening doors or crocheting for her.


ore ore2

 Tall, romantic, and loves cake in the park.

Why I started to watch it– It looks like an off-beat romantic comedy

It’s about- Awkwardly tall and a little chubby, Takeo never gets the girl since they go after his attractive best friend Suna. He one day stands up for a girl getting molested on the train and she thanks him and his friend by bringing them cake. She continues to want to see him, but dense Takeo assumes she likes his friend. Although it sure doesn’t look that way to me!

Will I finish it?– YES! I love the characters already and feel the need to cheer on for Takeo. He is just a romantic at heart and Suna is pretty cool. Suna doesn’t take interest in the girls that ask him out and seems like a good friend to Takeo. I think this is one of two shows that I just can’t wait for the next episode.

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Season 2


Relax, everything in a magical war is about to go insane.

Why I started to watch it- I always watch Fate/Stay series.

It’s about- The war for the Holy Grail continues. Now that Shiro is without his servant Saber he teams up with Rin and Archer to rescue her. Along the way things take a deadly turn for the worst. They might need a new ally to push onwards.

Will I finish it?- YES. I love this series so much. If you are missing an action and suspense type of anime from your viewing list look no further. You have mages and servants (which are heroes from legend and myths) fighting for the Holy Grail that will grant any wish you can make.

Food Wars!foodwars

When cooking becomes hardcore.

Why I started to watch it– I like the manga!

It’s about- High school student Yukihira Souma loves cooking and always strives to out do his father. Yet one day his father decides to close up the restaurant and tells him if he ever hopes to surpass him he should attend a special academy. Many of the students heirs to high end restaurants and also have been cooking their whole life. Can he really manage against his elitist and talented peers? (Eechi because food-gasms are quite crazy)

Will I finish it?– Yes. The food actually looks freakin good! Its fun, the competition is intense, and people having food-gasms over delicious food is just funny! Yukihira is talented, cocky, and so full of drive towards his goals. People either become friends or enemies wherever he goes.

Denpa Kyoushi

heisultimate heisultima

Lazy otaku is forced to work at local high school.

Why I started to watch it- Just wanted to give a teacher anime a chance.

It’s about– A genius in science gives up pursuit of knowledge for watching anime and blogging. His kid sister gets after him and gets him a job interview at a local school as a teacher. Even though he is completely uninterested he gets hired. He takes interest in helping students with their personal problems more so then teaching.

Will I finish it?– NOPE. I was hoping to like it, but it feels kind of cliché and shallow. Plus he dishes out the advice that perhaps he himself should follow. It sounded like a fairly interesting set up, but it doesn’t tug at the heartstrings or interest.

Let me know what your watching and how you feel about it! Thanks for reading!


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