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Puzzle and Dragons Z

Puzzle and Dragons Z Review

-I wrote this about a few days after this game released and finally have a chance to edit and add in links!

I’ve been curious about this game since I started seeing cute figures of the monsters at conventions. I was happy to find it was on the Google Play store for free, but the Nintendo 3DS version was more enjoyable.

Recently Nintendo released Puzzle and Dragons Z for the 3DS bundled with the Mario version of the same game. It is derived from the mobile phone game Puzzle and Dragons. This is a dungeon crawler where you collect monsters and fight against wild ones. Think of Pokemon, but instead of choosing your attack a puzzle game determines how many and how strong the attacks dealt will be. You line up colorful orbs representing different elements of the monsters to defeat enemies. As you defeat monsters you can collect monster eggs to hatch a new monster, or use eggs to power up your existing monsters, find puzzle pieces to evolve your monsters, and such.

While the mobile phone version is dungeon after dungeon (plus requires constant internet connection). The nice feature is the special event dungeons that go online for a short while. In June there was a Hello Kitty collaboration going on.06/8/15 -06/21/15


info here

In the 3DS version follows a storyline of kids becoming rangers and taking back the dungeons and temples from an evil organization. The graphics are a mix of retro and anime-like scenes.

I really enjoy this game. It is fun, relaxing, and addicting. I like puzzle games and I enjoy how it works as a battle system. They do add a skill gauge to use special skills each monster has to give you an edge in battle (of course your enemies do too). Building teams that work well also matter. I enjoy having a monster that can heal most the time and my team leader can boost the defenses of monsters of the same type. The story itself isn’t that great, but I do enjoy the funny dialogue between my character and the oddball villains. The monsters can be really cool and sometimes cute. I’ve seen creatures that look like knights, samurai dragons, wolves, and fairies. I have preferred the 3DS version to the mobile. On the 3DS it is much easier to manage the monsters. The cut scenes and town provide a break from it feeling repetitive and gives you a better feeling that you are advancing through out a world. I also noticed you can get orb codes to open up special dungeons. To evolve monsters you collect puzzle pieces and volts to use with a lab computer. My boyfriend described the game as Pokemon with the feel of Digimon with puzzles. I think that works out great!

Check out this game and if you a fan of Mario there is a Mario version bundled with it (also the demo in the Eshop is the Mario version) or you can always check out the mobile version. It’s free with in-game purchases although you don’t have to purchase if you are patient.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I agree with you, a fun and addictive game. Most people are very enthusiastic for the Mario version, for me it was the PAD Z version that did it!

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