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San Japan 2015

San Japan 8 July 31- August 2, 2015

I went to the San Japan convention and it was great!



Friday I dressed up in my gothic dress and my new purple wig. My boyfriend, his younger brother, his brother’s friend, and I were early to get in line to register (well about 8am kind of early) and thankfully the line moved pretty fast. There were so many people! As I can tell from the San Japan Facebook group people are coming from other states just to be here! The crowd certainly has grown, but it hasn’t felt overly crowded or difficult to get around.


We checked out the artist alley and I bought some more poaches from an artist I bought from last time. Then we waited for the dealer room to open. I was dying to find a purse this year for my lolita dress. Ideally it would be a clocked shaped purse. Ta da! I found one for $35! It’s an off-brand, but I don’t mind. I was really happy to see more vendors with clothing this year. Some of them were Angelic Pretty with Putumayo, H. Naoto, In Control, and Lolita Collective just to name a few. I was hoping to get an Angelic Pretty purse, but I wasn’t taken with anything they had. I found my dream purse with Lolita Collective! I also bought some tops from Tasty Peach Studios and Sorbet Jungle.

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I didn’t take many pictures this day I was super happy to be shopping since it has been awhile since I could do that. We also checked out the game room. They had a ton of Japanese arcade games to play plus console games. I tried this Evangelion Pachinko and did pretty bad! I wasn’t quite sure how to control the marbles. What was really fun was this musical shooting game we played.


By boyfriend’s friend on right. Stranger on left 😛

We went to the panel called Anime Battle Royal where the hosts were trying to get people to argue about fandoms and which anime was best. It was awesome when my boyfriend went up there to defend One Piece against Attack on Titan.

Saturday we hung out with some of our friends. My boyfriend wore his cosplay of an early Monster Hunter armor and I wore an Airou kirigumi (onesie) he bought. I also did the toothbrush dance with my friend Amy dressed as Hestia from Danmachi.

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Plus I bought Weiss Schwarz cards for the first time and really liked them. I bought some KanColle packs, but I would definitely love to get some more of these cards in other anime series.


We did go to the Monster Hunter panel, which was fun! I hadn’t played the game in awhile and now I feel like getting back into it. It was pretty much people playing the game in co-op mode, although the time felt way too short! I think we only played about two missions.

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That evening we were at the Cosplay Show. It was in a theatre and was so much easier to see then previous cosplay shows plus they showed close-ups of those on stage with a screen projector.

I couldn’t go Sunday since I had work, but I did see some cool stuff my boyfriend and one of my friends got from the swap meets. Here are some other photos I took.

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I know its been quite some time since I posted, but I have some limited internet access now so I will post here and there as I can. I’m just can’t wait for a nearby place to reopen so I can use the wi-fi again! I’m just using Internet occasionally at library and very limited plan from Virgin Mobile until then.

I will be going to another event. The Sailor Moon Day Party on 08/15 is hosted by Nine-Tails and the SATX Lolitas. I look forward to it and will be wearing my lolita dress with my new purse. I would love to get another classic lolita dress! Although probably not soon because San Japan ate my money. I will take pictures and post about the party! Let me know if you’re celebrating Sailor Moon Day in your town or how your recent convention experience has been!


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