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September Anime and Gaming

Hey everyone! I hope you have been well. This is a mixed kind of post



Anime this season

Project Mirai DX for 3DS

Lately I’ve started watching Yu-Gi-Oh again. I never did finish the first generation of the show and I still wanted to see the conclusion. So I’m finally in season 5 of it. I can’t believe how nostalgic it feels. I remember watching this when I was in middle school and it was my favorite at the time. I think it was one of the last shows I really read a ton of fanfictions about.


That has also lead to play the Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal World Duel Carnival.


 I just wanted to play the card game minus actual spending money to make the deck. Plus I’m not so great at trading cards. Curse my social anxieties! I was surprised it was available on the 3Ds. I really haven’t seen it in stores or anything, but it was in the eshop. The game has changed a lot, but is still fun and has some very cute monster cards now.

Of the new shows I’ve been watching Himouto Umaru-chan, Monster Musume, and Oremonogatari.

Himouto is hilarious. Umaru is friendly honor roll student admired and envied by her peers. They don’t know that she secretly is a hardcore gamer, anime lover, plushie lover, and very self-centered. If you have seen Oreimo, she is a kind of like Kirino, but not mean-spirited. This show is a comedy about her daily life and makes references to popular anime and games. Apparently she’s a big One Piece fan.

Chibi brat mode

Chibi brat mode

Perfect girl mode

Perfect girl mode

Monster Musume is my guilty anime show this season. It’s harem style anime with monster girls like a mermaid, lamia, centaur, and etc. Kimihito, a young man, is coerced into making his home a place for these girls to stay while learning to fit into human society. He does his best to survive the shenanigans and the abuse they unintentionally inflict (ex. The lamia, Miia, keeps grabbing the poor guy by the neck with her snake tail to pick him up). Plus they do want their shot at dating him! Note: This show does have a lot of fanservicemonmusu

I’ve talked about Oremonogatari before and I’m still loving it. I also do want to watch Gate and Rokka. I just been busy watching House of Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh lately. House of Cards is so good by the way. Amazing writing and acting in a dark political drama.HatsuneMiku_ProjectMiraiDX_Box

I’m excited for Project Mirai DX. I’m not a big Vocaloid fan, but I do like music/rhythm type of games. My current favorites are the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm games. Other then that I play them at the arcade part of anime conventions. I was quite happy with the controls in the Project M demo. I like that you can choose to tap or use buttons (I much prefer tap). On tap mode it sets up with two colored drums and you tap according to the color you see or slide the stylus across.

On the full version you can switch out characters to change the voice and watch the background video on its own. There is more of a description here. I’m looking forward to it and it’s coming out September 8th. At Gamestop it’s coming with some extra goodies when you pre-order. I’ve already got my order in ^_^  What shows are you guys watching this season ?



  1. I’m a bit interested in Project Mirai particularly as there seems to be more gameplay to it then just the rhythm game..I’m awful at those, I get stuck every time. So do you think the non-rhythm content will be enough gameplay?

    • I’ve been enjoying the game so far! I do find my time split between the actual rhythm gaming and the other parts. On other parts you play Reversi, a puzzle/tetris like game, and creating choreography. I don’t think it’s enough to stand on its own though. The puzzle games have been done better on apps and such. The characters stay in their little apartments, but they don’t interact with each other. Although you do get a visitor occasionally to tell you a bit about the game. The only detailed activity outside the rhythm content is doing the choreography for the characters. If you like the look of that part it would be worth a shot.

      • I thought as much, thanks for clarifying that for me. In an attempt to get the feel of it I downloaded the demo on the Vita. I know it isn’t the same game, but still, I thought it a good place to start. But I had no clue what to do, and couldn’t even get through my first assignment…I think I shall give this one a pass!

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