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Alamo City Comic Con

September 11-13

This convention was bigger and better than last year. Friday was the least crowded day and it was almost overwhelming the number and merchandise and artists to look though. I enjoyed it more this year, because I’ve been getting into reading more non-Japanese comics this past year. I have really been enjoying DC’s New 52 comic series and various Deadpool series so I was happy to get an issue from some of my favorites. We also noticed there were more vendors with anime and game merchandise then before. Plus we recognized a few of them that were at San Japan.

There was tons of cosplay! I do regret not getting a few more pictures. It was adorable to see whole families cosplaying together. There were also more kid friendly areas such as The Witte Museum booth and moon bounces.


The celebrities attending draw a huge amount of the people. It is expensive to get a signature, but just seeing Stan Lee again a bit closer was great. It was hard to get a picture with all the people around him. One of the celebrities got arrested check out that story.

I was happy to buy the special Alamo Comic Con edition of the new Deadpool comic and got it signed by the artist. My boyfriend was sweet enough to get me some really cute plushies of Pokemon and a bananya plushie I’ve admired on my facebook feed. He was so happy to buy one on the Pokemon nendoroid figures. The Cynthia Nendoroid was a great find! I had fun hanging out with friends at this event.

I managed to get a bunch of streetpasses on my 3DS and saw there were even people from New York coming to the convention. We did skip the panels just to explore and hang out. I recommend this convention if you enjoy more than Japanese anime and manga. Many are comic book sellers and professional comic book artist that make it magical.

What conventions have you gone to this season? Does anyone dress up with their family?

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