Tea Time
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Tea Time #1

These tea time posts will pretty much be a mixed post instead of focusing on one subject.

I went with Tea Time because I have recently watched the first season of Downton Abbey which was awesome. This period drama has great writing and a wide array of colorful characters. A few are downright villainous and others are just trying to find their own way. Plus the quick wit of Professor McGonagall is not to be missed. Oh I mean Lady Grantham.


Harry Potter


Downton Abbey

Topics today
Graphic Novels
AC: Happy Home Designer
Pokemon cards
Content to come

I have been reading graphic novel one after another I’m super burned out! Some great reads were Moon Knight and Pretty Deadly Vol 1 The Shrike.


I’ve never read anything about Moon Knight before. It’s about a man that investigates and avenges people that were traveling in the night. He has a multiple personality disorder due to being possessed by an Egyptian god. The story intertwines with the supernatural and and there was psychedelic chapter as well. I can’t wait to read more of this one. It feels quite different then the other Marvel series.

MARVELCoverTemp copy.indt

I’ve come across Pretty Deadly before, but always ignored it because I don’t like western settings. Although when I came across and summary comparing it to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman it made me curious. I love the Sandman series. So I checked it out from the library and loved it. When a man marries a woman for her beauty and keeps her locked away Death comes for her. Death falls in love with her and takes her with them and her child is out to get revenge on the man that locked her mother away. The story follows the man trying to make things right and survive those that are out to get him. The artwork is beautiful by the way. I will definitely be reading the rest after a little break from reading graphic novels. I want to get back to reading regular novels and science books.


I’ve been playing Happy Home Designer here and there. It’s a fun relaxing kind of game. I’ve already been able to design a home for one of my favorite neighbors, Lopez. Ever since I’ve played the Sims I realized I like designing houses so this a fun and relaxed way of doing that. I’m glad you have some control who you get to design for. When you don’t have a specific client you can go out to the town area and see some villagers wondering around thinking about what kind home they would like. So you can pick the cutest, or the one that unlocks stuff you would like to work with, or one you don’t like and give them a room full of toilets (sorry frog dude, but you were kinda creepy though). I don’t have the New 3DS or the adapter to read the cards and I still debate getting the adapter. I’m not really a fan of the Amiibo craze, but the cards for Animal Crossing are pretty cute.

eevee orieeveebeeveesaPhotoGrid_1445017922464

Last, but not least. I’m working on collecting Eevee and all the Eeveelutions in the Pokemon TCG. I’ve been getting some here and there on Amazon and comic book shops. I do my best to compare prices and also considering some will be harder to find at a local store. Here’s what I have so far!

I will be working on a clothing haul video quite soon. I was also thinking about doing gaming videos again. I do miss doing the Monster Hunter ones, but the quality had become worse and a camera that records 7 minutes at a time is annoying as hell. When I get a chance I will browse some of the Steam games and see what would be fun to do a Let’s Play kind of video. No more demos! If you have any suggestions let me know! Although it does have to be for an average sort of computer. It isn’t really meant for gaming, but it can probably do alright with 2D games.

So let me know what you been up to or any thoughts/opinions you have. Hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading!



  1. Cool. So you’re having camera troubles? So am I. Mine is being stubborn as hell. When I downloaded the pictures on the computer it wouldn’t let me delete the videos I had on it already,and now it won’t let me take pictures on it. Damn my camera. I hope to get a new one someday I actually have money for.

    • Aww that sucks. Hope you can get a new one. Mine just isn’t the right kind of camera. It is meant for picture taking and short clips of video. So for YouTube I will have to use computer’s web cam.

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