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Final Fantasy Explorer Impression

I have liked it so far. I am a little disappointed with the graphics. When your character is running around the field there isn’t much detail. The gameplay is much easier then the Monster Hunter franchise. You only have one button for basic attack. Abilities (which you will use a lot of) are accessed by holding down L or R button and selected by the letter buttons.

Early on it is easy to make armors and try out different classes. You can switch between classes easily on the main menu. I have played as the Monk and the Black Mage. Each time you switch classes you also need to switch equipment and armors.

The set up of the game is a town where you have access to a fortune teller, a blacksmith, a shop, an airship, and the lady that has quests and sub quests. Plus there is this one dude full of tutorials (the tutorials pop up along the beginning quests, but is helpful with later things). The bottom screen lets you access online mode and see notifications if someone, npcs, want to talk to you.

I already have some monster pals to join me on quests. You get special drops from the monsters you fight on the field and take them to the monster lab. From there they will create a monster ally. What can go wrong is getting a monster with bad stats. It will show little red arrows showing the monster will have a slow growth rate in certain aspects. It seems you might want to make a couple and take the ones with the best stats with you. Right now I’m able to have up to three monsters with me, but the Chocobo takes up two of the three slots. Which is okay because he’s adorable. I like that this game doesn’t feel like a game with ton of grinding (so far anyhow) and I look forward to unlocking the other types of classes. At the moment I can pick from knight, monk, white mage, black mage, ranger, and freelancer.  This evening I will be fighting my first Dijnn, Ifret that looks pretty cool!

Playing online was nice. It was quick to load the room and players. Although in quests with a large bosses it did get lag and slow motion like moments.
This game feels like a very light/ casual Monster Hunter with a Final Fantasy skin on it. I do enjoy it

A few FF EX Tips

On the Menu page with Save option the Notebook tells you about where items were found. (ex: Hardwood: Obtained from log scavenging points).
Use Airship like the gateway after unlocking it. The location of monsters are still highlighted. I’ve seen some people skip using this.

Monsters on the online mode have more HP (well no surprise there I suppose)

Iron Ore, Mythril Ore, and Bird Bone are from scavenging points in the volcano like area of the map.

Most helpful link I’ve found so far Reddit.

Let me know your thoughts. I will be getting ready for Pax South! I will put a video together afterwards.





  1. I’m very curious about this game, but still on the fence because I’m enjoying Persona 4 so much. But…I might just cave! Thanks for the review!

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