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Pax South 2016

I put this video together of the Expo Hall plus pictures. The convention was so much better then the first Pax South and the Capcom store made my boyfriend and I super happy with the Monster Hunter merchandise.

I did try a bunch of games, but here is what stood out to me.


I was surprised to see a beautiful typing game. You type to attack, clear pathways, and make flowers bloom. The graphics are inspired by origami and fairy tales. I didn’t get to play it until I got it on Steam at home. I adore it!

Street Fighter V

I don’t know this series well, but it did look great! I was stunned at the beautifully animated characters and backgrounds. The Capcom booth had this game, Megaman, and Resident Evil, and Umbrella Corps to try out.

Fluff Eaters

Like an old game of jacks in this free mobile app game you bounce the kitten and pick up treats and destroy evil fluffs. It reminds me of Angry Birds in the way it becomes a bit more complicated each level.

Check out some of my pictures! Hope everyone is well!

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  1. I like the look of Typing Chronicles, is it released on Steam only? Your day sounds like a great one. We visited San Antonio in summer last year, what a charming city!

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