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Pokemon Anniversary Post

Its the 20th Anniversary of the Pokemon franchise! I loved it since Red and Blue Pokemon game came out in the U.S. I did stop playing the games for awhile because I couldn’t get the Nintendo systems after Game Boy Advance. I left off at Pokemon Crystal.  Then I picked up the 3Ds years later and Pokemon was the only title I recognized. So I went with Pokemon Black that was out at the time. Now when I look back I see it has come such a long way in ways of development of graphics, story, and game play.

Since Black I’ve been keeping up with the games and started collecting cards again. I can’t get back into watching the main anime like I did as a kid though.  The other anime that came from Pokemon such as Pokemon Origins was great and Mega Evolution Act was pretty cool.

So here is what you should look out for if you’re a fan.

Feb. 26 -The old Red, Blue, and Yellow Pokemon games will be available in the Nintendo EShop. Plus Pokemon Direct will air at 7 a.m. PT

Feb. 27- The new nendoroid of Red with the mega evolution starters will release on the Pokemon Center website.  The previous Red had the starters unevolved.


Feb. 27 (Continued)- Toys’Rus is having a Pokemon freebies. If you’re in Los Angeles the shop JapanLA will be celebrating with Pokemon fashion, gifts with purchase, and more. There may also be some sales at your local Gamestop so be sure to check online. In New York Pokemon fans are invited to Nintendo New York for Pokemon activities.

There are legendary plushies, pokeballs with figures, and promo card boxes coming out each month. This month Mew and Pikachu plushies and other items came out.

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Here is the break down of what month has what characters.

March– Celebi  April-Jirachi  May– Darkrai  June– Manaphy  July-Shamin  August– Arceus  September– Victini   October– Keldeo  November– Genesect  December– Meloetta

For the full list of merchandise, release dates, and locations check this site.

There has already been a leak about the upcoming titles for Pokemon games! I won’t list it here as I’ve seen some people prefer to be surprised, but here is a link.

I probably won’t go to anything given I work that day plus I’ve bought enough Pokemon things recently. Are any of you guys going somewhere for Pokemon Day or getting one of the games from the Eshop? I will be getting Yellow since that was my favorite of the three.


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