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Thoughts On Upcoming Games 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are well!

I’m super excited about the new Pokemon games and Monster Hunter X coming to the U.S. (renamed Monster Hunter Generations.) What I am looking for forward to in Monster Hunter Generations is one of the most beautiful monsters I’ve seen in the series, Tamamitsune.


I loved the design from the start and he has beautiful theme music too. Another brand new feature is being able to fight…as a Felyne.

This addition adds such a playful feeling to the rather serious hunting/grinding of the series. If you’re not familiar with Monster Hunter these cats are only side companions in the series. The cats go with you on quests to help fight, heal, and pick up items. They have their own set of unique armor and weapons they use to fight. I can’t wait to go on a quest using Nyantas!

At the moment not much is known about the next Pokemon games, but I look forward to it regardless. I am hoping for an exotic region.

I’m on the fence about Bravely Second.

I haven’t even played the first one! Something about the trailer for this game really caught my attention. I just downloaded the demo for the previous game, Bravely Default, and like it. This RPG is a turn-based fighting and allows the player to change the character’s class/job. I will check out the demo for the new one when its released on 3/10. If I like it will definitely pre-order. I will be selling Final Fantasy Explorers to put credit toward that game or pre-order something else.

Even though I really liked Final Fantasy Explorers at first I really didn’t get hooked on it. I still end up going back to Monster 4 Ultimate for monster slaying. It just lacked the excitement that I was hoping for. It quickly felt repetitive, it lacked story, wasn’t very challenging, and lacked in beautiful animation and graphics. Those are all qualities that the main Final Fantasy series achieved. I had hoped to see some of it in FF Explorers.

There is one other game I have my eye on, but not sure when to purchase it since it isn’t fully developed yet.

Slime Rancher

This is a Steam early access game. I watched this game played by Youtubers and it is so adorable! You capture cute slime creatures on an alien planet and feed them. Then for some weird unexplained reason their poop (crystals called ‘plorts’) are worth money. The slime creatures may try to escape, fuse with other slimes, and a few may hurt you. To advance on this planet you solve puzzles to reach new areas and discover new species. This game looks relaxing like something you would play after a long day. Since I have had my eye on it there has been more content

What games are you excited for this year? Has anything disappointed you recently? I think I haven’t had a game disappoint me in a long time. Thanks for reading guys!




  1. I’m interested in Tokyo Mirage, but I’m disappointed it will be on the WiiU. Not a good combination, me and the WiiU. Looking forward to playing Fire Emblem and Atelier Eshy, as well as Bravely Second!

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