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Mizuumi-Con 2016

April 2-3 Mizuumi-Con

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about Mizuumi Con this year. For the first time it was a two day event instead of one. It takes place at a beautiful college by a lake with geese. It is a great place to have a photo shoot done if you’re a cosplayer or lolita. The architecture makes a great place to pose.

We went there one day only. Saturday I headed to Our Lady of the Lake with my boyfriend and his friend. The line to buy passes went super fast! The courtyard area has several food stands. They had things liked shaved ice, drinks, Asian food, and I saw someone grilling chicken wings. It smells so good out there! It is also a nice place to sit down and relax with your friends

We then headed straight to the dealer room.The vendors are organized in the school’s gym. We saw some local vendors plus a little more. There were some bootleg items so do be careful; be especially careful with Pokemon items! I did not buy anything. I didn’t budget for this convention since it was kind of a last minute decision to go. I can’t say I saw anything that I really wanted though. My boyfriend did pick up two little things for me just because he’s awesome. They are these cute little rubber figures from Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch. He decided to pick up a legit Halloween Pikachu dressed as Mismagius. If you are a model kit fan you would have loved this convention. One Vendor had a ton of One Piece, Yo-kai Watch, Sergent Frog, and Gundam kits. I did run into an old friend that was there with her son. He had just decided to get a One Piece boat model kit.

After browsing the vendor’s room we checked out the gaming area. There were a small amount of arcade games, but more console games to play. They were having tournament on a recent Naruto fighting game for San Japan badges!

Another nice place to go to relax is one of the cafeterias (the larger one). The room is used for tabletop gaming. If you don’t feel like carrying cards around you can check out a board game to play. The host did sell some single Magic cards and others as well.

What was super fun to see were the cars! There was a group of people showing off their anime decal cars. The cars are decorated with characters from anime, manga, or gaming. I was happy to see Love Live cars! I have a link for the owner of the Nico Yazawa car. I’ve seen his car before at the previous San Japan and parked outside local anime stores. I was glad to see someone doing a car showing Maki!  She is one of my top three favorites from Love Live.

Nicospeed on FacebookInstagram

I was a little disappointed that the convention didn’t feel any bigger. We had thought since it was extended to two days it would have expanded in some way. Perhaps you would go a second day for panels or to play more games. One day felt like enough.

Let me tell you the Pros and Cons about the convention.


Scenic area

Family friendly

Not too crowded

Low price ($20 at door for two days. If you purchased in advanced it was $15)

Great for a first convention


Lot of Pokemon bootleg.

If you are not into attending panels and seeing guests you may not have much to do.

     Sorry this took so long to publish! I’ve had a crazy week since the convention.

Check out these photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know if you have ever been to this convention. What did you think of the cars?


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