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New Hobby- Kawaii Planner

Hey guys! I’ve always liked the idea of a planner, but I struggle to keep interest in it. I recently came across really cute pictures that inspired me to take a creative approach to it. If you look up #hobonichi or #planneraddict on instagram you will find people making cute planners decorated with drawings, stickers, washi tape,and photos. I love the visual aspect that gives it an art journal quality.

image from  Mike-Inu’s Tumblr


This is a  Hoboinichi, a popular brand of  Japanese planners. It is popular for being versatile, easy to customize, and nice quality. Some people even use it as a diary. I mention Hobonichi because through its hashtag I found really cute pages that inspired me. An American equivalent is named Filofax.


So I started my own planner in early April using a small sketchbook. I ripped out the monthly calendar page from a planner I bought last year and I pasted April and May in my sketchbook. I’m glad a few usable months were still left. I created blocks on the blank pages to create daily entries, to do lists, and occasionally journal like entries. I picked up a couple of washi tapes at a Japanese store. I already have stickers and cute memo pad papers .

I also make my own  stickers. I’ve been doodling cute things, coloring them, and cutting them out to put into my planner. I enjoy that it makes it more personal and specific to my interests. It helps because I can’t paint or use markers directly in my sketchbook due to its thin paper.

Here are some of my favorite pages I’ve done so far.

blog_planneraddict blog_planneraddict1







Another trick I found was using the top of memo paper as well as the area underneath. I also seen people add several little papers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Washi tape makes cute little borders and a good bookmark for special pages. I like to throw in the other things such as tea bag labels, movie stubs, or tags from purchases.


This way of using a planner is relaxing, helps me remember what I need to to, and also help me see what I have been able to accomplish.


Here are some awesome people I found and helped inspire me on this project!

Hobonichi LIFE – youtube

44non0904 on Instagram

MyLifeMits- youtube

@jennillustrations – instagram – where I first saw Hobonichi pages!


Let me know what you think! Do any of you keep a journal or planner?



  1. Looks great! My daughter has been busy creating her journal this way too, started out when she went to study media and design last year. Very cool!

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