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Gaming in May/June

Hey everyone! I hope you all have been well. Lately I have been going between various games. I picked up Bravely Second the day it came out, but I haven’t progressed very far because of other games I’m still into.

Bravely Second– (3ds)

This turn style RPG with the ability to switch job classes is so fun. I love that you can change jobs and still use skills from one of the character’s previous jobs. Finding a complimentary skills and abilities is the key to building powerful characters. As you progress through the story and do side quests you unlock more jobs. I adore the story and the characters. The friendly bantering is something I look forward to instead of skipping over. I haven’t played the first game. I was glad they did have explanations and a summary about the previous game so I don’t feel I missed out on something vital. I still would love to play the first one later. This is one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a while.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3ds)


This isn’t new, but my boyfriend and I have been practicing before the new game, Monster Hunter Cross,  arrives in  early July. I’ve been trying out weapons I haven’t used such as the light bow gun. The game mechanics will change in the next with the introduction of Hunting Styles, but I hate to go in forgetting basic things. Since the previous Monster Hunter game I’m glad I’ve expanded my use of weapons. In Monster Hunter 3U  I only used the long sword and hunting horn. Now I use those along with the great swords, light bow gun, and charge blade. I am most excited about hunting as a felyne in the next game!  I do hope we can get a localization of The Monster Hunter Stories and the Amiibos! They look great!


Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations (DS)

I love this game and kind of sad I’m almost done. Edgeworth is a brilliant and sarcastic prosecutor aided by the bumbling Detective Gumshoe. In this game you investigate crime scenes and press witnesses for more information.  You can argue and prove when someone’s testimony or alibi doesn’t match up by using a menu and pointing to evidence or another person’s testimony you’ve obtained.  This is another game where I enjoy the dialogue as much as the gameplay. You encounter so many dynamic personalities and quirky characters. Such as his hot-headed rival Fracheska whom is so quick to pull out a whip and smack him and the silly thief Yatagarasu that is somehow a “good thief”. Oh and how can I forget all the puns in the dialogue and in the names of the characters. To be honest I had to look up walkthroughs for the times I got really stuck on a case! You can also check out the new Ace Attorney anime currently airing.

Okage: Shadow King (PS2 or  PS4)

I dusted off my Playstation 2 recently. I  purchased a memory card for it earlier in the year and finally tried it out. It works just great! This was one of my favorite games as a kid other then Kingdom Hearts. The story stars a boy whom seems to be easily overlooked by everyone and tends to be quite passive. When his sister is cursed to speak pig-latin by a ghost one fateful evening the family tries to summon a noble king spirit from an artifact for a cure. Instead they get the Evil King Stan that demands a soul in return. Even if you say no your parents force you to say yes. So of course out of the family you are chosen to be the Shadow King’s vessel. He cures your sister, but now wants go back to his hobby of world conquest. So you have to help him. Also there are other people calling themselves evil kings and the Shadow King is quite offended since he should be the only one.

This game is more comedy then anything else. No one seems to take the dark shadow behind you too seriously. Not to mention some of the things you do end up making you look like a hero. I enjoy that you can choose what kind of response in a conversation you want to give. You can be sarcastic, friendly, or even a little mean. Or sometimes nothing at all. This is a turned based RPG that is pretty straight forward in terms of what to do next. Yes I know. The characters have super big eyes.

I do plan to purchase Slime Rancher later in the month. It is one I’ve been interested in, but didn’t want to start until the content expanded a bit more.  So what have you guys been playing?





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  1. Nice collection of games you have going! As you know Bravely Sevond is one of my favorites too. I know a lot of people complain about all the text, but I’m with you: love it!

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