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My bit on E3 2016

You can bet what I’m most excited about is Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as Monster Hunter Generations. Don’t worry I will touch on other games too! But first…

Pokemon Sun and Moon (3Ds) (link to E3 gameplay)

What caught my attention most was the additional information you can access during battle. So now you can see the opponent’s Pokemon status and typing. Along with the previous games training mode it seems Pokemon is hoping to get more people into playing competitively online. I’m also happy trainer customization is back! I hope there will be an even better selection of clothing than X & Y. It did kill me that that the demo moved so slowly! I realize it is probably deliberate to make the most out of the small portion of the game they felt comfortable sharing.  I’m sure you guys have seen pictures plastered everywhere of the new Pokemon so I won’t get into that here. The game’s new battle mode, battle royal, looks really fun! It involves four players all battling each other at once. It looks more playful compared to the usual double battles seen in competitions.

I do think that perhaps there is a real possibility of Nintendo creating an open world game of Pokemon after seeing the trailers of the new Zelda game. Not to mention Pokemon Go involves exploration of the real world. So I really hope that means they are open to making an open world  type of Pokemon game in the future.


Super effective attacks are labeled.



Attack power has decreased.


Monster Hunter Generations (3Ds)

There hasn’t been much surprise here. The game has already been out in Japan so I’ve seen game play online and checked out GaijinHunter‘s content. The features of this game include new monsters, return of some older ones (ex: Nargacuga & Plesioth), more villages, ability to play as a Felyne (Felyne previously was only a companion), and introduction of the hunter arts. Hunter arts allows for various fighting styles for each weapon. The demo is coming out June 30th in the Nintendo eShop. I am so hoping we get Monster Hunter Stories and the amiibos next year.

You can check out the list of Monsters here on Youtube.

Axiom Verge (Wii U)


I have liked the look of this one since it has come out, but then I been distracted with too many other games. I will eventually buy this one on Steam. So its been announced for the Wii U. This game is a dark, retro-style game developed by one person. The game “intentionally” has glitches, various weapons, hidden areas, and cool music. I was hoping this would come out on the 3Ds, but it looks like I will have to pick up the Steam version.


Final Fantasy 15

The beautiful game play of this one stuck out to me despite the main character reminding me of a emo boy. I’ve played some Final Fantasy games and they are always beautiful and fun. Not to mention the later Virtual Reality content looks awesome. Looks much better then the current HTC Vive , although the VR portion is a DLC. Also it is nice to see them pull away from the usual turned based battle.


Scalebound (Xbox One & Windows 10)

E3 Briefing

I have mixed feelings on this one. It looks amazing. It looks like a gory Monster Hunter with a chatty protagonist. I was disappointed how easy it looked on E3’s briefing. I wonder if it was on an easy mode or something just for presentation’s sake. The player mostly used arrows and the monster’s attacks were fairly easy to avoid (when it did attack…). I like the type of game this is, but I hope it really isn’t that slow paced. I do wish my computer was good enough to play this kind of game on it.

I still have to check out Pokemon Go. I did not get a change to watch the coverage yesterday. I have just heard it is coming out in July which is awesome! I hope it works on my phone. I may have to delete some apps to make room for it.  I just picked some games the caught my attention the most. You can tell I’m a sucker for RPGs!

Let me know your thoughts on this year’s E3. What are you excited about? Any disappointments?




  1. Every time I think that this time I’ll forgo on yet another Pokemon game. Still, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this one, it looks good!

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