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Tea Time with Tsums

Topics: Marvel and Tsum Tsums

Hey I hope everyone is doing well!

My birthday was earlier this month and it was a great one. I went to a car show, did a spa treatment at home, went shopping, and ate at one of my favorite restaurants.  This month I’ve been into a lot of things.  For this post I’m going to focus on Marvel and Tsum Tsums.

Lately I’ve been reading through a lot of comics. One of my favorites is…

Issue #0 The Unbelievable GwenPool

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. This new Marvel character has caused quite the bit of controversy given her name. She is beautiful quirky girl that seems to be from another reality where she has read up on all the Marvel comics. Like Deadpool she breaks the fourth wall and is on the crazy side. She doesn’t have the painful scaring, the skills, and same abilities of Deadpool. She has only listed one skill. She knows the identities of all the characters of the Marvel Universe. She also seems to be able to learn things pretty quickly though from tutorials online. I can’t wait for the graphic novel to be released! I find the paperbacks easier to take care of in the long run.  The first graphic novel is due to be released in November.


I’ve also been currently reading Ms. Marvel, anything Deadpool, plus I need to catch up on Moon Knight. In DC Comics I enjoy reading Batgirl, Starfire, and anything with Red Hood. I have also found this awesome website to help keep track of what you’ve read and what you own. It is called League of Comic Book Geeks. They also have forums and a have a list of the current issues from various comic publishers.

If you have seen my Instagram lately I’ve found a wonderful way to display my collection of Disney Tsum Tsums.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found this clear paint bucket at the grocery store. The majority of Tsums fit into it, but I have a few left out. I used to have them in a glass cookie jar, but it was way too small. I had told myself some time ago I would stop picking up these little guys, but I do end up getting one or two on occasion. I was quite happy to pick up a cute BB-8 Tsum this week. I love the the little guy and I’ve been waiting for the American release (Japan got the Star Wars tsums before us).

I also was lucky to pick up the special collection on sale. These relatively new Disney Store products seem to be selling pretty well in the U.S. and the mobile app  has been a hit. They are also sold in Target and JCPenny’s. You can also sell and trade with fellow Tsum aficionados on online groups. If your interested in Tsum Tsums or want to start collecting you have to check out these website.

Tsum Tsum Central– This website lists all the Tsum products that have been released and announce the new ones. Plus they also have a feature that helps you keep track of your collection. There is also info on the mobile app.

Speaking of Tsum Tsums and Marvel you can expect to see a Marvel Tsum Tsum comic in December. It will be about four issues and many of the other running series will have a variant cover featuring Tsums. Is this blasphemy to see the running comics affected by the Tsum Tsum cuteness or a sweet surprise? Personally I like it, but I do enjoy cute adorable things. I hope I can pick up an issue of the comic to be part of my Tsum Tsum collecting.


What do you think of this?



  1. Tsum Tsum, I’d never heard of those? Are they relatively new to Disney merchandise? I bet we will see a lot of them in Disney World this summer.

    • Yes, I’m thinking they started selling in the U.S. around 2014. They are also are sale in the UK, China, and Europe, but I don’t know much detail on those. They were first only sold in Japan. Although it seems Japan still gets more variants and characters then anyone. You definitely will see them there 😀

    • Cool 😀 I will try to do some reviews in the future. I haven’t read that one. I’ve been curious about it though.

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