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Anime Spring 2016

I have watched a handful of anime this past season and have some mixed reviews. One was an utter disappointment and another was surprisingly entertaining. I have checked out Mayoiga, Ace Attorney, Netoge no Yome, Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge , and Re:Zero.

Mayoiga –  Rating 5 out of 10

mayoiga 0mayoiga 2

This anime is for anyone wanting a show on the weird side.

A bunch of strangers have come together to be lead to a village promising paradise away from society. Although it wasn’t what they expected naturally.  Instead something strange is lurking in the forest. For some reason everyone sees a different monster reflecting their deepest fears. The main character Mitsumune finds himself drawn to another girl on the trip despite his friend’s warnings.

mayoiga 1

The story was a slow in the beginning, but really picked up the pace since episode four. With each episode I can’t decide whom I think is the most creepy. Even the main character Mitsumune seems kind of creepy. The characters each have their hang-ups and people they wanted to escape. Some characters were not important to the story line so they were just extras in the background. We also see some badly done CGI creatures and annoying mob mentality among the people. Then there was that one girl shouting “Execute him/her!” every five minutes. The midway point of the anime was interesting and I kept watching because the episodes always left off at a painful cliffhanger. Sadly the ending fell pretty flat. It was an underwhelming ending compared to the energy and crazy events of the show. The show was okay and sometimes funny due to melodramatic scenes. This is not the worst show, but not good. I had expected horror, but this really wasn’t scary. You can expect spooky/cute penguins and a spider grandma though.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright  Rating 6 out of 10 (Still Airing)

ace attorney 0

This anime is based on the Ace Attorney games by Capcom. It stars a rookie lawyer that does his best to defend the innocence of his clients. He does some investigating and has the assistance of a young spirit medium.

ace attorney 1

I really enjoy the show. It is funny, interesting, and I like the relationships growing between the characters. The ever so quirky and crazy witnesses are fun to watch as Phoenix and Miles do their best to pluck logical explanations from them. This is a fun light-hearted show that shares the same mood and quirks of the game. As Phoenix works on cases we see occasional flashbacks that unravel his background and motivations. What keeps me from giving it a 7 rating is the few times in the story that an event should at least cause some emotional response, but yet the characters don’t have much emotional range.


NEtoge no yome 0

NEtoge no yome 2

Guess who is a girl in real life!


Netoge no Yome  Rating 6 out of 10

Hideki is part of a small guild in an online game. The only  female member finally convinces him to marry her in the game. Later on the guild decides to have a real life meet up where they all turn out to be female gamers that attend his high school. His in-game wife, Ako, has some serious trouble distinguishing the boundaries of real life and gaming. She happily calls herself his wife even at school!

netoge 3

She likes to pretend she isn’t one

This anime peaked my curiosity because I used to play MMORPG’s. It was nice to see an anime about the subject that was a romantic comedy rather than drama or an action-oriented plot. I liked the other female characters more than the lead girl, Ako, but she did grow on me toward the end. I was glad to see the circle of friends mature on their crazy adventures online and offline. The fan service in the show comes across humorous, but sometimes unnecessary. Overall nice show and I hope this isn’t the last of this series.

 tanaka 1tanaka 2

Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge (Tanaka is always listless) Rating 8 out of 10

Tanaka’s high school life and goals revolve around finding the perfect place to nap, taking it easy, and never working hard. Luckily his best friend, Oota, has no issue making sure Tanaka makes it to class on time.

tanaka 3

A quote that needs to be a poster.

I was surprised how much I liked this anime. Despite the simple plot so much happened and it has a lot of heart. The characters were lovable and friendships bloomed between them. I adored how the hard working girl, Miyano, wanted to be so much like Tanaka. She even pestered him until he accepted her as a student of the listless ways. She wanted to appear mature instead of clumsy and childish. Many others little by little become friends with Tanaka. They see that despite Tanaka’s lazy ways he is a good guy with some wise advice and sense of humor. I laughed every episode! This slice of life anime is refreshing in the mass of  what has become mainstream anime. I might even admire Tanaka a bit myself.


rezerorezero 2

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Starting Life in Another World) Rating 8 out of 10

Still airing (incomplete)

Subaru Natsuki is going about his mundane life when he is swept away into fantasy medieval world. Then a group of guys mug him, but luckily he is rescued by a beautiful girl. When he tries to help her as repayment he ends up dead. Then finds himself back where he started. Again and again; It’s just like a video game save point. Each time he learned more about the people around him and wants to protect the people he began to care for.

rezero 1

Employment in another world!

The first episodes did seem generic, but the story twisted and turned since then. Each time he died and started over he discovered something he had missed before; He met new people, learned more about the world around him, and uncovered the cause of tragedy. He remembers everything from his past times he died, but everyone else has no clue. The other character’s personalities and motives appear complicated, believable, and fascinating. Not to mention some dark force caused him great pain when he did try to explain what has happened to him. Natsuki is a kind, outgoing, and sometimes cocky. He is a character that really propels the story. He doesn’t have any unique fighting skills going for him, but he perseveres and puts his life on the line for his new found love and friends. This is the one show that has me excited for each new episode and will continue airing into the next season.


Did you guys have any favorites or disappointments this season? What are you looking forward to next season? I’m ready to watch Love Live Sunshine, ReLife, and Bananya. I will continue watching Re: Zero and Ace Attorney of course!

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  1. I’m going to recommend the last one to my daughter, she has been getting into anime lately, and that sounds just like her cup of tea!

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