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Pokemon Go Obssesed

I didn’t imagine I would ever get into a mobile app phone game. Usually I get bored within a short time, but this is the most fun and promising game yet.


Encountering an Eevee at dusk

I had to try it as a fan of Pokemon. I love their games! I went out Sunday and saw hoards of people walking together, couples strolling in parks, and parents with their kids looking for Pokemon. I found myself being asked by my co-workers about the game, because people came in looking for Pokemon. It surprised me how quickly people have picked up the game. I’ve heard there will be many improvements headed our way; There will be new game mechanics such as leader scoreboards and customization of gyms. That will keep me intrigued to see what amazing things come.

Today is the second day without horrible sever problems! The other days servers were down for hours. There are still bugs to fix in the game, but overall enjoyable and exciting. The game is still rolling out in other countries.

Sunday was the first day I went exploring a part of town with the intent of catching Pokemon (other times I caught them on the way to work). Sometimes the Pokemon that appeared to be far away (indicated by footprints at the bottom) were hard to chase down. The hint that you are going in the right direction is the list of Pokemon that move up (closer) and down (further) as you walk. It was much easier to chase Pokemon in parks, malls, and areas near the river. Setting off lure modules with a group of people was  fun because we could all catch Pokemon together and relax at Starbucks. Also being a passenger on the bus or a car makes it more comfortable. Texas has been super hot and humid so getting in air conditioning really helps to keep going all day.

Right now there are many Facebook groups for Pokemon Go players in my city. They plan gatherings and go on walks together. I am going on one later this month and hoping the hype doesn’t die down by then. You should definitely look up Pokemon Go on Reddit and Facebook groups to find what is going on in your area. The groups have been very active lately in sharing and gathering information. One local group started a Google document and invites everyone to log where and when they encountered a certain Pokemon.

There is the constant struggle between the three teams that are in the game. It is a like a virtual turf war. People are fighting to have their screen name, Pokemon, and team showcased on a landmark’s GPS point in the game. The most amusing landmark I love to see who owns is The White House North Fountain.  When I last checked the Pokemon residing there is named “Thanks Obama” from Team Valor. It might be something else by now.

I’m not much for exploring and spending time outdoors , but for the sake of Pokemon I have made an exception. Putting up with the heat and humidity is a pain, but I feel it was worth it when I come home with Growlithes, Kabutos, and various other Pokemon.

Game Pros

Its fun to explore areas you usually don’t visit.

Exercise. Did I mention you can hatch eggs by walking? Make sure your app is on for it to count.

Social online clubs and real life gatherings happening in your community.

Taking funny pictures and meeting other players.


The occasional crashing of app.

The glitch prone gyms sometimes do not always recognize you as the winner.

Augmented Reality is not compatible with all phones. I can’t see Pokemon projected onto real world environments because my smartphone lacks a gyroscope.

The app is running much better then when it first launched. The are ton of guides online to read or Youtube videos to watch. Not all of the mechanics have been explained in full yet so there is still some mystery.

I caution players to be careful of what areas you explore. Don’t go to weird isolated places or get lost searching for a Pokemon. People have been robbed while playing the game. I’m sure there are more places to catch a certain Pokemon. Also take breaks and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to be human.

Stay safe and have fun! Let me know if you are playing and how it is going for you. Does the idea of teams clashing interest you or is it just about the Pokemon?




  1. Like you, I’m loving the game! It’s such fun to play together, and the feeling of joy when you encounter a good one! I do find it difficult to get any enjoyment out of the gyms, they have all been taken by people with CP 600+ and there’s no way I can compete. Not even able to level my PK up, my highest is 207. Am I missing something there?

    • As the game character levels up you will be able to encounter stronger and more evolved Pokemon. I finally have my second 1000+ Cp Pokemon and I’m at level 16. I was lucky to find a 500cp Growlithe that became a 900+ Arcanine and I’ve given him candy. My boyfriend has had great luck with the eggs. He has a powerful Snorlax, but I have yet to hatch anything interesting. You just have to do a lot of catching and evolve the ones with best cp and also show that they can eat more candy. You can also evolve pidgeys to pigeotto just for the purpose of XP. The gyms here are constantly changing so its pretty hard to hold one down for even a day! lol

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