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Monster Hunter Generations -Thoughts and Resources

I hope you are doing well! Its been crazy hot and humid in Texas. Good thing monster Hunter Generations has kept me entertained indoors!


I’ve been enjoying this game so much. Monster Hunter is all about hunting large monsters with the help of NPC companions, friends, or random players online. By taking down monsters that are causing havoc you can use items from them to make armor and weapons for your palico companions.
 It is very different from the previous game. The introduction of Hunter Arts has made the hunt really fun! By attacking or being attacked you fill up a gauge to perform a special attack. The great part is being able to pick which ones you want to use out of many choices.
The biggest change is in the Hunting Styles. Now you can choose how your hunter fights. With aerial style you jump and attack. This makes it ideal for mounting a monster to knock it down. You can also specialize in counter attacks (adept), focus on skills (striker), or keep it the old fashion way (guild).
But wait! This may actually be the biggest change. Hunting as a palico! You fight with a melee type of weapon and a boomerang. They are surprisingly good with the right build. They also have skills and special abilities unique to palicos. The great thing about them is making weapons and armor is easy compared to the hunters. There is much less grinding involved so it is easy to keep up with the best armor and weapons that are available. My boyfriend has been mainly using the Prowler Mode for that reason and he has been doing so good. I need to start training my fighter palico. The palico system is much better in general and they have been more helpful than the previous game.

mhgen palico

I felt in this game the low and high rank monsters take less time to hunt than the previous game. I do like that change. What provides the greatest challenge are the deviant monsters. Well I should say some of them. Lagombi wasn’t difficult, but Thunder Lord Zinogre was very challenging. These monsters are much faster, deal out more damage, and have a few different attacks. The new Zinogre caught me off guard with his/her speed. Zinogre quickly goes from one attack to another faster than the usual.  Also I advise you to check out your teammates stats before going on a hyper or deviant monster quest. Lagombi and the Azuros might not be much to worry about, but for others a player in a low rank armor could killed in in a hit or two.
I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite resources with you.
My most used resource is actually  MhGen-Kiranico. This website is great for figuring out where to find items. Sometimes armors and weapons will list items and you think “Oh I think I’ve seen that somewhere”. This will website will tell you when you type the item name in the search. It will also reveal drop rates and what can increase them such as wounding a monster head or cutting off the tail. The other helpful feature is looking for weapons. Some weapon’s recipe  will show up on the blacksmith’s menu right after killing it. Other times you may have to create one weapon and upgrade it until it branches off and transforms into a different type. For example this Coiled Nail long sword upgrades from the Bone Katana (seen near bottom).
On top of that all there are ways to see key quests to see what will unlock the next level. This list exists for both the Village and the Guild quests.
I found a guide on how to make the best boomerang fighter palico on Reddit. This is great for starting out, but isn’t necessarily the only way to go. There is also a collective resource guide made by various people on Reddit here.
Gaijin Hunter also does many tutorials and explains many aspects of the game. He does have general videos explaining palicos types as well as weapon suggestions. I will post one that has been great help because I am going broke making various weapons (for the human lol) and this really helped out! Also on his tumblr he answers many questions so you scan through them for information.

 Let me know if any of you guys have been hunting! What did you think of the game? It is a fun game that has a difficult learning curve so the tutorials are helpful. My favorite part of it all is being able to hunt with friends online. I hope this helps and feel free to leave any resources or tips you have found in the comments.
Happy hunting!

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