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Coolest/Cutest Nendoroids of 2016

Hey guys! It is finally 2017! Happy New Years to you all. I wanted to look back on all the cute Nendoroids that were released last year. I picked them according to the amount of detail as well as interchangeable parts that would work with other Nendos. I written about what Nendoroids are in the past so you can read it here if you are new to collecting Nendoroids. Disclaimer: I did not take these images. Credit goes to Good Smile Company. Ainz Ooal Gown Source- Anime: OVERLORD Why this Nendo? Ainz is a unique looking Nendoroid given he doesn’t have the usual chibi figure body. He has both dark and a comical expressions. He has an iconic look that would stand out in your collection. I think he would be great a gift for anyone that likes dark or gothic decor. Pokemon Trainer Red and Green Source- Series: Pokemon Why this Nendo? I was excited to see Red and Green released together like this! They are famous rivals and the attention to details will …

Preparing for San Japan

Hey everyone! I’m getting ready for San Japan starting this weekend. So I won’t have an update until after Labor Day! I will be cosplaying as a Pokemon trainer inspired by the maid from the Battle Mansion. If all goes well, I will be putting together a Vlog about San Japan and post a new journal/planner video. Excuse me as I prepare to hunt down adorable collectables, stationary, and maybe catch a concert. I will be sure to let you know all about the convention. I hope you guys have fun and stay safe this Labor Day.

Anime Spring 2016

I have watched a handful of anime this past season and have some mixed reviews. One was an utter disappointment and another was surprisingly entertaining. I have checked out Mayoiga, Ace Attorney, Netoge no Yome, Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge , and Re:Zero. Mayoiga –  Rating 5 out of 10 This anime is for anyone wanting a show on the weird side. A bunch of strangers have come together to be lead to a village promising paradise away from society. Although it wasn’t what they expected naturally.  Instead something strange is lurking in the forest. For some reason everyone sees a different monster reflecting their deepest fears. The main character Mitsumune finds himself drawn to another girl on the trip despite his friend’s warnings.